20 Things Covid taught us:

1) Follow the science, of course, unless the science conflicts with Orange Man Bad.
2) The virus only spreads at gatherings that affirm certain political narratives.
3) We were dumb to not be wearing masks for centuries every flu season apparently.
4) We can now cancel all vaccine initiatives because masks are superior.
5) Antibodies = immunity if it's for a vaccine, but antibodies = contagious if the patient's name is Donald Trump.
6) If lockdowns don't work the first time, try it three more.
7) Cases spiking during mask mandates can only mean we weren't wearing masks long enough.
8) Masks work even better if you remove them to cough and touch them a lot, as Biden has shown.
9) The best science rejects established laws/precedents of immunology/virology/biology.
10) Twitter mentions is where true epidemiology is practiced.
11) Every time Fauci was wrong or changed his mind was Trump's fault.
12) Birx has a future promoting Bedazzler: the face shield edition.
13) Doctors at Harvard and Yale are stupid morons whenever they say anything positive about #HydroxyChloroquine.
14) If not for a skilled governor like Cuomo, even more nursing home patients would have died.
15) Vitamin C and D serve literally no purpose.
16) Herd immunity is for kooks. And of course, we must stay inside until there's a vaccine that can bring us to herd immunity.
17) Theoretical studies are now superior to real-time data.
18) Open borders stop a dangerous contagion from spreading.
19) Best way to cure heart attacks and other ailments is to keep people away from healthcare.
20) If the data doesn't reinforce your narrative, just keep waiting two weeks.
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