BREAKING: @AmyMcGrathKY is up by two points in a new poll against Mitch McConnell! She is SO close to beating out #MoscowMitch and starting a new era for Kentucky. She needs all the help we can give her so please donate to her below! ⬇️
In Iowa, Theresa Greenfield is in a tossup race against incumbent Senator Joni Ernst. This race could decide control of the Senate and it is important we win it. Please donate and help her get over the finish line!
In Maine, State House Speaker Sara Gideon is running against Sen. Susan Collins. Collins voted to confirm Justice Kavanaugh in 2018 and she is not an independent senator. Help Sara win this seat so Mainers can have a real fighter for them in the Senate.
In North Carolina, Cal Cunningham is running against Sen. Thom Tillis. Cal would vote to keep the protections in place that make sure no insurance company can deny anyone care due to pre-existing conditions. It will be a close race, so let’s help him win!
In Arizona, Mark Kelly is running against Senator Martha McSally who was given her current seat after losing in 2018. She is not a maverick, as past senators for Arizona have been, but Mark will be an independent voice for AZ. Please donate to help him!
In Colorado, John Hickenlooper is running against Cory Gardner. Cory has been one of Trump’s biggest supporters in Congress, although he represents a state the president lost in 2016. It’s time CO gets a Senator who is actually knows them. Please donate!
In Montana, Gov. Steve Bullock is running against Sen. Steve Daines. Montana is known for being a state who elects leaders who are independent from the usual way of politics and Steve would be like that in the Senate. Let’s help him win this seat!
In Alaska, Dr. Al Gross is running to unseat Sen. Dan Sullivan. This race could be very close and no one should sleep on it. Please help Al out so he change Alaska for the better.
In Texas, MJ Hegar is running against Sen. John Cornyn. She has served our country in the military, so she knows how to be a fighter for Americans. This race will also help Democrats down the ballot and could turn Texas blue. Let’s make Blexas a reality!
In Kansas, Barbara Bollier is running against Rep. Roger Marshall. In a state known for being moderate, she is running against an extremist who is antithetical to the state’s values. Please donate to help KS elect its first Democratic senator since 1932.
In Mississippi, Mike Espy is running against Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith. Cindy has joked about lynchings in a state that was a center for hate against minorities. Please donate to Mike, so the state can have a Senator who actually takes the issues seriously.
In Georgia’s regular Senate election, Jon Ossoff is running against Sen. David Perdue. Perdue has not been a senator who truly represents the interests of Georgians and Jon would be a much better person to fight for GA in Washington. Let’s help him win!
In Georgia special election, Rev. Raphael Warnock is running against Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rep. Doug Collins. Both of the GOP candidates have been trying to out-conservative each other in a state that isn’t moving right. Please donate to turn GA blue!
In Michigan, incumbent Democratic Senator Gary Peters is in a tossup race that could be close. Let’s help him keep his seat because he has worked hard for MI in the past six years. In a battleground state, Gary needs our help so please donate!
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