Going to just speak my mind here.
When you see Jew-haters attacking people like Gal Gadot with the usual "Israel is stolen Arab land", you can't be upset or blame them. I place the blame our own people for promoting the "palestinian" myth in the first place.
If you push for 2-state bs or even use the term "palestinian" in its modern usage (an appropriated title for a nation of different migrants that is devoted to erasing Jewish history and sovereignty in our homeland), you are feeding this propaganda. 2/4
Then we wonder why people use this fake history against Jews and Israel. Well, gee! Maybe it's because we keep perpetuating the "palestinian" myth ourselves. It's an idiotic vicious cycle, trying to stop propaganda while adding to it, out of hopes for achieving "peace". 3/4
You can't have peace based on lies. The result is endless anti-Israel claims of Jews being "colonialists" in our own land. It's beyond time to make a REAL push to delegitimize the term "palestinian". Keep supporting it, and you'll keep battling a monster of your own making.
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