Victor: as I watched this innocent woman weep on the stand as her community turned against her, I realized that I'm the real victim here
Victor: Because she can at least take solace in her innocence
Victor: like yeah she'll be executed or whatever but at least she has that
Justine just confessed?? This has prosecutorial malfeasance written all over it
Oh hey this book passed the bechdel test

Granted it's a tearful conversation through prison bars about being entrapped by the law but still
Oh my GOD and while he's watching these women weep V*ctor is over in the corner still FULLY convinced that the person hurting the most in this jail is he and not the person currently imprisoned to be executed outside its walls

Robert throw this bitch back in the ocean please
Me: this interaction between Justine and Elizabeth feels super gay
Book: "And on the morrow Justine died"
Me: Welp that's unfortunately confirmed
Also not for nothing but it's odd to me that Victor doesn't try to bring either of his siblings back to life, considering that he rather famously just made a dude

Like it's got to be easier to revive a whole body that's recently deceased
This chapter ends with Frankenstein dramatically caterwauling about how HE'S the real murderer for dooming his family thrice-cursed hands and you know what he's not wrong
Dooming his family with*
I'm sorry did this bitch really open this chapter by forgiving himself
"None could love a child more than I loved your brother" is certainly a thing to say to one of your children, but considering that Pop Frankenstein is saying it to Victor I get it
Me, calmly reading a book:
Mary Shelley, through a megaphone: 𝐅𝐔𝐂𝐊 THE DEATH PENALTY
Like Elizabeth's going off rn about how poisoned the system has to be to put a woman to death for a crime she didn't commit and I'm just proud of her. Out here showing more deductive reasoning than Victor's ole goofy bUt i'M a sCiEnTiSt ass, bless
Speaking of: I genuinely can't remember the last time Victor spoke a single word to any of the people whose lives he's recently ruined

Like bitch are you going to just be silently buffeted by the consequences of your past behavior or are you going to tell ANYONE *ANYTHING*
Omg now I understand how he was on the S.S. Himbo for weeks without barely anyone speaking to him: he evidently spends every waking moment fetishistically miring himself in his own misery and can't make room in his schedule to say two words to people
Did... did victor just dramatically tuck and roll off of his moving horse because ~hE FeLt sO bAd~

Is there even a single soul, alive, dead or undead, that's more dramatic than this bitch
This chapter ends with him, having exhausted himself by feeling bad through an otherwise scenic country stroll through the mountains, immediately falling asleep upon returning

Mary Shelley pls bring the Monster back my crops are dying
It's raining out now so there's about a 40% chance of Victor dramatically sleeping outside in it
Victor's been going off on a tangent about a mountain he really likes for way longer than makes sense for a not-about-that-mountain-tale that he's telling someone else
Henry Thoreau's somewhere taking notes
Anyway this constantly fainting ass bitch has somehow summoned up the will to climb a glacier
Oh my god Victor decided to shout an entreaty to the spirits (???) to take him to the other side with them, and I guess Mr. Monst heard that shit because here he is SPRINTING over to make sure he gets his wish
GOD i wish I liked Victor more so that I could be scared for him because this shit would be legitimately SO terrifying

I don't like him though so I HOPE HE BEATS YOU UP BITCH
Did perpetually malnourished Victor Frankenstein just try to intimidate this 8-foot tall man with the prospect of a fight
I hope he punches you into the earth Victor but I know he doesn't because there's still a bunch of book left
*Deep, DEEP inhale*


Oh my god this book was just Victor's endless whinging about hOw bAd he is was getting super tedious but this?? THIS??
Also WOW I love how deftly Victor is written, that slimy douche

He's willing to make dramatic shows of grief and speak at length about how rent with guilt he is, but when offered a solution that would both do right by his creation AND prevent future violence he's like
Like he doesn't give a SINGLE fuck about anything other than making sure that no one knows his connection to his brother's murder, and he's too repelled by taking any form of real accountability to just be honest with himself about that
An absolutely odious motherfucker. Hats off to Mary Shelley cause she really did that shit, and with fairly deft subtlety
Anyway all of this became apparent after Mr. Monster said he wouldn't enact his plan to violently chew through Victor's loved ones one by one if Victor could just make him happy, and Victor's subsequent violent refusal of that extremely simple and singular request
Monster: Make me smile? Please? Just once? :)
Victor, skinnily: FIGHT ME
Monster: :(
Monster: also dude are you serious about that fighting thing because lmfao
Oh my god this poor Monster is describing all the horrible things he's been through since his creation and how deserts and glaciers are the only places he can find respite from humanity and I just want to give him a hug
Ooh bitch this speech the Monster's giving rn is a whole ass mood
"I will keep no terms with my enemies. I am miserable, and they shall share in my wretchedness." Girl????? Bars
Oh this got... confusingly gay
Monster: Hey I've been through some shit can I talk about it
Monster, tenderly covering Victor's eyes with his hand: *whispers* there
I thought the Monster's being like "I will literally murder each and every last other hoe on this planet in front of you but I would NEVER hurt you, Victor" to be kind of clownish but now... now it makes sense

Still clownish as hell but at least sensically so
The Monster invited Victor to his hut in the mountains and then said this and I AUDIBLY hooted dkdjfj Victor better come correct
Oh and Victor... feels compassion? Allegedly? And wants to learn more and do right by his creation?? Allegedly?? Sounds fake but we'll see

It did say that he came to this realization as the Creature was walking away so maybe a glimpse of that ass changed his heart
That's the end of that wild ride of a chapter

Monster you're doing amazing sweetie
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