Inspired by Raffi, let's share. What's the most unreasonable thing you've been yelled at, chastised for, or reprimanded for by a partner at a law firm?
My first 6 months as a lawyer, an in-house client (with whom I had been cc'd on an email once) received a gift of popcorn and wanted to know who to thank because there wasn't a card. Relationship partner yelled at me bc he though I sent it and was attempting to poach the client
I had not sent any gift.
We had a Jewish partner who did not work from Friday nights through Saturdays, because he was observant. He tried to give a Christian associate a handbook to review (so, never urgent) on Christmas Day. When associate pushed back that he'd do it the next day...
...Partner said, "Oh. My religion says that I can't work on days I observe. Christmas isn't that way, right? It's just a time to open presents. It needs to be done by the end of the day."
My favorite didn't happen to me, but work best friend. He had a court reporter lined up for partner to take a depo during expedited discovery. Called the afternoon before the depo to confirm the court reporter, and the service confirmed. The morning of, court reporter didn't show
Partner called associate and yelled at him and told him that he should have "ensured" the court reporter would be there, beyond confirming the appointment the day before.
Him: "Okay, next time the client can pay for me to drive to the court reporter's house and pick her up in the morning and drop her off at the depo."

Partner backed down. And then put it in his annual review.
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