#EarlyVoting in #Georgia. This is my good friend Kevin. Eight hours later and he’s still standing in line with his wife and daughter (voting in her first presidential election. They arrived at 7am. This is on Whitlock Avenue in Cobb county, northwest of Atlanta.
As you can see, when they arrived this morning, it was still dark! #Vote
At the 7th hour, they ordered pizza! They seem to be in good spirits regardless. Did you see the lines? #earlyvoting #VOTE
He’s hoping to find out how many voting machines are inside. As soon as I hear back from him, I’ll let you know! #EarlyVoting #CobbCounty #Georgia #Vote
NINE hours now and still in line. But they are still smiling underneath their masks! #EarlyVote #Georgia #vote
Sooo. Kevin says his cell phone is dying. I asked him if he had any idea how close he was to getting inside. “I wish I knew, we have been in the same spot for 45 mins”.
Granted, I’m just talking to Kevin so I don’t know what the rest of Cobb county looks like Re: early voting. But I can tell you this. I used to live in Cobb county. It’s huge. It’s DIVERSE...has rich, middle and not so rich areas. Great public schools.
Now over to the northeast of Atlanta to the very large county of #Gwinnett where another friend was happy to get “in and out” in 4 hours and 6 minutes. He timed his experience and said I could share it.
Guys!! They are DONE. After 11 hours, Kevin, his wife, their first time voter teen daughter and her best friend cast their votes. #EarlyVote #CobbCounty #Georgia #Vote . A few more deets to come...I want to know where people go to the bathroom!! ELEVEN HOURS!!!
Kevin says there are still a LOT of people left in line...15 voting machines inside the Cobb elections building. Let’s hear it for the poll workers too!
And to wrap up: Voters were able to use the bathroom inside the building. He saw 4-5 people leave because they couldn’t stay. People were mostly in a good mood, cheering & encouraging. Kev said he only did what we should all do #vote He finally got a shower & a drink!
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