hi! dropping a few rom-com recs for my romance buffs before i end for the day 💛 [will not be using trailers to save time 💋]
🌸💓 starting off with Hitch (2005), starring the legendary Will Smith, tells the story of a professional date doctor struggling in his pursuit of a gossip columnist 🌸💓 light hearted, airy, great pick if you just want to smile in bed!
🌸💓 Bride and Prejudice (2004), a Bollywood reimagining of Pride and Prejudice about a father searching for suitable husbands for his daughters. starring the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! 🌸💓
🌸💓 Pretty Woman (1990), starring the ever stunning Julia Roberts, which explores the tale of a prostitute hired to escort a wealthy entrepreneur, leading to all sorts of romantic mischief 🌸💓
🌸💓 My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002), which tells the tale of a Greek woman struggling between falling in love with a foreigner and her family's acceptance 🌸💓
🌸💓 last but most certainly not least, Something's Gotta Give starring the legendary Jack Nicholson, two elderly people finding their way in romance as they're forced to share the same roof 🌸💓
these films are guaranteed to make you feel warm, soft and everything in between. let me know if you watch and quote this tweet with your own recommendations! 💓
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