Nonviolent direct action like smashing windows, graffiti, or toppling statues can have merit. Fuck colonizer symbols. But when you start destroying Black art in the name of decolonization you have lost the point.
The fact nobody puts their name or face to these acts but then brags anonymously online is political cowardice. You couldn’t even find one white person willing to go to jail for a night who would then have a public platform on the issue? Cowardice.
Strategic arrests are an important tactic. Put someone in jail on purpose who can deliver statements and conduct proper education of people about your action. It ensures proper interpretation of events. Foregoing this part of direct action cedes your narrative control.
I literally can not believe someone broke into @OrHist and tore down a piece of Black art and there are riot geeks trying to defend this as somehow a woke or defensible act of decolonization. It isn’t.
Black and Native solidarity looks like not destroying each other’s art. Direct action without definite action logic is not a tactic that stands up for the long term.
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