Today's events gave me a whole new perspective on the things mewgulf have said to each other. Before, when Mew used to say to Gulf that "I may not be there in the future but I want you to keep fighting", honestly I didn't really get it but today it made me understand +
That Mew didn't mean that they will stop being there for each other but their work schedules and unexpected circumstances may not always allow them to be there for each other but Mew wants Gulf to hold on, keep staying strong, keep fighting even when Mew is unable to join him.
When Mew said that "I want Gulf to take care of himself because I'm worried the others won't take care of him like me" today, I understood that Mew wants Gulf to be surrounded by people that loves him, who would take care of him if he was to not be there and look Gulf really has+
Alot of people that really loves him a lot. Also Mew told Gulf that "If you ever feel troubled, I will always be there for you". Mew was telling Gulf that no matter what happens Gulf can always come to Mew with anything that was troubling him because at the end of the day +
Mew will always make sure to take care of him, give him all the love and listen to Gulf. It really opened my eyes that this was what Mew meant all along that, it wasn't that they will stop seeing each other but rather that they will always hold on and be there for each other +
Don't ever be disheartened by what others have to say, MewGulf has above that goes deep beyond anything, it's a love that comes from their soul and they will always be there for each other in some way possible.
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