Things you should know about Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict :
1.Nagorno-Karabakh is not a disputed territory. This is the territory of Azerbaijan. Both historically and officially recognized by the whole world, including Armenia.
#StopArmenianAggression #PrayforGanja
2.Armenia has occupied not only Nagorno-Karabakh, to which the claimant is Yerevan, but also 7 Azerbaijan regions around it, which Armenia was not going to give up all these years peacefully. #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
3. The war is not on the territory of Armenia. The Azerbaijani army is not trying to seize the territory of Armenia or any part of it. The war that began with the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan more than 30 years ago. #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
4. As a result of which up to 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan was occupied, is the liberating one to get the lands back to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan could liberate its territories 30 years ago. Could also do that during 30 recent years. #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
5. Our country has a numerical superiority of the army, a numerical and qualitative superiority of equipment and military weapons. #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
6. Ä°f you ask why this has not been done before the answer is that as a result of the ceasefire in May 1994, the parties pledged to resolve the conflict peacefully and to do it with the help of mediators - the OSCE Minsk Group. #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
7. Unfortunately, over all these years, official Yerevan has not shown the political will for the peaceful liberation of at least 1 cm2 of the occupied land. Azerbaijan has repeatedly said that we are adherents of a peaceful solution to the conflict. #StopArmenianAggression
8. However, with Nikol Pashinyan, the negotiation process has frozen completely, his statements contradicted the peaceful settlement of the conflict. #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
9. And the increasing shelling of civilians living on the front line only transferred the conflict from partially frozen to unfrozen. #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
10. Last night while people in #Ganja were sleeping Armenia bombed houses,about 10 people were killed and 40+ people including children were injured and it is still increasing #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
11. The famous armenian-Kim Kardashian openly supported and donated armenian military forces to bomb civilian people in Azerbaijan. These are the results of “humanitarian aid” #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja #KardashiansSupportTerrorism
12. But as always they denied and claimed that they were bombing military forces in #Ganja , do these people look like soldiers? Do these houses look like military baces? #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja
13. We have always supported countries that need help but when it comes to us people and international media is silent #StopArmenianAggression #PrayForGanja #JusticeForAzerbaijan
14. The same terrorism, same vandalism, same barbarism, same aggression and same enemy. The only thing changed is time. History repeats itself. Armenian side violates humanitarian ceasefire in a ruthless, diabolical and tyrannical way. #StopArmenianAggression
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