Hindus are intolerant for objecting to @TanishqJewelry ad on social media? Let’s see.

In 2001, when Gadar released, mobs threw bombs on theatres, tried to sever off a cop’s arm, burnt vehicles and screens. One of the major reasons was sindoor put on Muslim woman
Because the film ‘Bombay’ showed “forbidden-love” between Hindu man-Muslim woman, bomb was thrown at house of dMani Ratnam and he was wounded. Hyderabad police chief didn’t allow it to screen in 15 theatres.

Protesters said “We believe a Hindu-Muslim marriage is illegitimate”
While I can go on and on on cases where Hindu women have been trapped and killed for their religion with no reaction from their community, I can’t give you many examples of rioting over “forbidden love” themes. Because coward filmmakers don’t make them.
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