1. I’ll keep it 💯. Seeing one of my former professors, who my wife & I both loved and considered a friend speak about excommunicating people for being “woke” was super triggering. Took me a few hours this morning alongside a loving wife to help me get back on track/mission.
2. Not only was I forced out of our church in Louisville for being critical of Trump & publicly advocating for black community; Things got so hostile for us in SBTS environment that despite living across the street, we stopped going on campus & I took online classes for 2 yrs.
3. I speak out against white reformed evangelicalism cuz it almost killed me. I struggled with clinical depression prior to moving to Louisville, but I hadn’t struggled w/ suicidal ideations for a decade. That environment & the trauma it caused had me fighting to live DAILY.
4. Was reminded this morning of the environment I was once in and have been strangely comforted as I’ve been reminded that it wasn’t me, it was the environment and the people in it. I’m good now, divorced from that toxic culture, free, and most importantly I’m still here!
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