How about channeling some of that rage you’re feeling about the theater of the absurd going on in the Senate Judiciary hearings into going to #VoteEarly or even donating to down ballot races? The @GOP is feeling anxious. Give them a true Xanax moment.
NOTE: The tweets in this thread are a correction to an earlier tweet where I mistakenly included the Twitter handle for an unrelated organization that uses a Twitter display name that is similar to the domain name used for the Great Slate. I apologize to all parties involved.
May I suggest The Great Slate of 2020 from @Pinboard ?
Or dig even deeper with the State Slate Round 4!
Check your local races and use the
@actblue directory to find candidates who are closer to home. 
Find out how you can help get out the vote with phone or text banking. Use that energy to make a difference and make the election beyond contest!
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