@CambridgeInt i have many safety concerns regarding the igcse otc/nov exams that are taking place in Malaysia. Due to recent elections in Sabah, the COVID-19 cases have risen immensely and has caused another wave that has affected Malaysians nationwide. Cases rose to numbers
higher than they have ever been, even when lockdown was implemented. As recently as a week ago cases had hit a record high of 691 of Malaysians positive for COVID-19. Many malls across our nation have employees which have tested positive for this virus. This is especially
concerning considering Malaysians attend malls frequently and shopping complexes in our country are almost at full capacity. For example, 1Utama shopping mall, the biggest mall in Malaysia, has been ordered closed starting Sunday (Oct 11) after several of its workers and a patron
tested positive for the coronavirus. This has alarmed many Malaysians in particular as these workers infected with viruses could have easily spread to other Malaysian citizens unknowingly, creating a domino effect of people affected. As well as this, a few days ago along with
earlier today the Malaysian federal government has announced the enforcement of "CMCO" (Conditional Movement Control Order) for many states in Malaysia (Sabah, Klang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya). A rough translation of the list of restrictions that will be implemented
• Movement in and out of the district is not allowed. However, for employees who need to cross the district, they need to show a work pass or letter of permission from the employer.
• Only 2 people from a house are allowed to go out to buy necessities.
• All schools
, institutions of higher learning, skills training institutes, kindergartens, nurseries, tahfiz centers, public parks and recreation centers are closed.
• Mosques and other non-Muslim houses of worship are closed.
• No social gatherings, including weddings
I would like to put
emphasis on the terms "Movement in and out of the district is not allowed.", "All schools, institutions of higher learning, skills training institutes, kindergartens, nurseries, [...] are closed." and "no social gatherings" as I believe they are a cause for concern for exams.
Most examinations halls have been filled with at least 30+ students in one room taking an exam at a time. This is important to keep in mind considering "no social gatherings, including weddings" is a term of the CMCO. Although the term "social" would not usually be associated
with examinations, groups of students coming together from potentially different states in Malaysia puts them at high risk for the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Especially with little periods of time to sanitize desks and areas of halls between exams, how can
students be sure that they are safe when completing their exams? There are only so many safety precautions that would even slightly prevent the contraction of a highly contagious disease. Even with students wearing masks and sanitizing hands, there is no guarantee that they are
not at risk, especially to an airborne virus. And if schools are closed, where does it leave students who carry out exams in these schools? Additionally, with no movement in and out of the district allowed, how are students who live in different districts to their exam halls
supposed to do? They would have to violate the CMCO in order to attend their exam, but is it worth the risk if a potentially asymptomatic pupil attended the exam from a different district just for their igcse assessment? Finally, I would like to highlight the fact that with the
recent spike of cases Malaysia is facing, Malaysians all over the nation are on edge. We fear for our safety everytime one of us or a loved one steps out of the house due to the now increasing likelihood of them acquiring the dreaded coronavirus. Ever since the initial spread of
this horrid virus, students have gone from online class to in person class back to online class (due to the recent spread of the virus in Malaysia) which means that students have been switching back and forth from very different styles of learning. Learning has not been as
effective as it should have been for these students. All they can ask for is that you empathize with the situation they have been put through. These unprecedented times have also seen a decline in motivation as well as mental health, both of which heavily impact a student's
ability to learn and properly understand what they were being thought through a screen. To conclude, I am highly concerned and frankly panicked at the situation our pupils are being presented with here in Malaysia. I can only imagine how students who have been directly affected
with the virus, with either them or a loved one contracting the virus, are feeling in our present day Malaysia. We hope that Cambridge can thoroughly investigate our current state here and decide what would be best for the well being of students. We ask for your guidance and help
during these unfortunate circumstances. Our atmosphere here is only worsening and we can only hope that you can see and understand this. @CambridgeInt
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