#JIMIN being the purest angel
— a heartwarming thread 🥺✨
"remember there is a person here in korea, in the city of seoul, who understands you" 🥺
prettiest angel
armys were having a hard time and he said " I want to be a happy virus to you all " 🥺
"you are the reason in my life that keeps me going, you are the reason why i am here today" 🥺
mini moni sweet promise 🥺
jimin comforts jin 🥺
the lyrics of promise pls im CRYING
remember when yoongi saw his parents and bowed while crying, jimin came and comforted him 🥺
"overcome these difficulties together" 🥺
jihope friendship 🥺
jimin's message during iland 🥺
when tae cried and jimin instantly ran to comfort his soulmate 🥺
jimin immediately ran towards jungkook when he noticed he was crying
remember this cute little girl 🥺
when jimin wear hanbok during in the soop 😭💗
he went live knowing that we missed him sm 🥺
jimin reminding us to wear a mask 🥺💗
"i wish my words had brought you comfort and a little bit of happiness" (always mylove)🥺
"your existence itself means a lot to us"
Happiest birthday my love, my angel 🎉🎂 thank you for bringing so much joy in my life, you and the other members saved me during my downest point in life, thank you for existing my angel please stay happy and healthy were always proud of you i love u sm
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