Indigenous Resistance 101 #IndigenousPeoplesDay

Hatuey was a 16th century caique, & a leader of the Indigenous resistance against the scourge of colonialism. Driven his homeland of Hispaniola, he arrived in Cuba as harbinger, alerting fellow Taino chiefs of the horrors to come.
His warnings went largely unheeded.

Despite being massively outgunned, Hatuey led several successful guerrilla campaigns against the Spaniards. Unmatched in valor and undefeated in battle, colonizers tortured the local Indigenous population into giving up his location.
This led to his eventual capture.

On February 2, 1512, Hatuey was tied to a stake, to be burned alive. While awaiting immolation, a priest informed him that if he would only accept Jesus as his savior, his death would be "swift," and a heavenly paradise awaited.
If however, he rejected the god of his tormentors, he would be condemned to burn in hell for all eternity.

Hatuey asked a single question:
Are there Spaniards in heaven?

When the priest assured him heaven was full of colonizers, he spat back:
"Send me to hell. I would rather burn for all eternity than spend one day in paradise with people like YOU."

#IndigenousPeoplesDay2020 #IndigenousResistance
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