I woke up Indigenous and I’m still here.

We are still here.

People have tried to kill our ancestors, our grandparents, our parents and maybe even us.

But we are still here. Surviving.

Today that feels like enough.

This picture is from the day we passed Indigenous People’s Day in Minneapolis in 2014.

I had worked on the resolution, helped plan this big day, and I got stuck in the hallway because the room was full.

But seeing this little girl watch it pass was like...everything.
It just felt like something. This little girl got to grow up in a city that had something positive to say about Indigenous people.

I have a memory from when I was her age from the police beating up a native man and peeing on him in the trunk of a squad car.
If you think genocide was so long ago, it wasn’t. It’s still happening. Policies that kill our land and pollute our water and keep us sick and keep us poor.

Every day we survive is a celebration.

But we deserve so much more than survival.
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