Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay! Today I celebrate my fríe da and family who have survived 400+ years of genocide and forced assimilation. How will you celebrate? Here are some ways to get started:
Check out these fabulous photos of people from my region, including some of my K-12 classmates and their parents. We are still here, many still living and thriving in one of harshest (& most beautiful, IMHO) places on earth. https://twitter.com/NatGeo/status/1315628881408339970?s=19
Looking for some Indigenous scientists to follow on #IndigenousPeoplesDay? I made a list! Invite them to give talks for your department, read their work, listen to their stories!
Want to know what is going on in the Indigenous news? Follow @IndianCountry. #IndigenousPeoplesDay
Want to know whose land you are on? Text the number in the tweet below. It's based on the https://native-land.ca/  database, which has links to the tribes' websites. https://twitter.com/Napaaqtuk/status/1292697193296670721?s=19
Are you a teacher who wants to expand your K-12 curriculum to include more accurate information about Thanksgiving? I posted a resource below, and others had suggestions too. Feel free to add your own!
#IndigenousPeoplesDay https://twitter.com/Napaaqtuk/status/1313977612377772032?s=19
I don't have a list of Indigenous artists, but I know they are out there. Be wary of pretendians selling "Indigenous inspired" artwork. #IndigenousPeoplesDay
There are so many resources out there, just a Google away. Take a minute today to learn about the Indigenous history, news, and artists in your area. This Indigenous woman has some work to do so she can help out the next generation of Indigenous scientists. #IndigenousPeoplesDay
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