Yesterday, @KSPrior received pure vitriol from Christian Biden supporters for her decision to vote third party. If you are someone who criticizes Grudem, Mohler, Jeffress and supporters but remain silent here, then you are blind to something equally alarming within the church. 1/
There is a generation of believers who either don’t know or do know and eagerly mock Grudem, Mohler, Jeffress, but what their shepherds are teaching them is as equally corrosive as Christian nationalism. 2/
It is not surprising that Jesus warned against the hypocrisy of both the Pharisees and the Sadducees: two diametrically opposed religious groups each with a mix of good ideas and wrong ones. Both blind to their faults. 3/
What has concerned me greatly this morning has been the silence of believers who have this platform and proclaim justice. Please do not be silent now.
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