Close-ups of Taylor Swift radiating goddess energy, a thread:

`Does my gossamer beauty pain you, Endymion? It is I, Selene -
I'm the moonlight on your cavern walls when the shadows keen`
`Whence gleam the gilt green eyes of Jealousy and her escort, Hubris,
Thence also dwells the dispenser of dues, Nemesis of Rhamnous`
`Thy beauty is unmatch'd, Aphrodite, thou wert birthed of foam and pearls
But pray, fairest divinity, must thee love wretched Ares, the destroyer of worlds?`
`I see a tempest brewing in your grey eyes, Athena, the storm clouds have cleared its smoky depths -
You wear your rage like Venus wears her perfume, 'tis deadly on you and it kills with stealth`
`In a game of gods and monsters, you were but a pawn, Medusa -
But now you carve the pieces,
And they'll never cast a crooked eye your way again`
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