When you set healthy boundaries or refuse to be the energy supply for people who feel entitled to you, just remember, you will be seen as the problem. They are so used to codependency that healthy boundaries will feel like you lack empathy & compassion or just don’t care.
That pattern of getting confused, dysregulated and overwhelmed by others emotional reactions to you prioritizing your own needs. Which results in second guessing yourself and then not being able to maintain or enforce your boundaries. That will need to eventually be addressed.
This is where many people get confused about what empathy actually is.

When you merge with another person and lose a sense of individuation, you take on their feelings as your own.

This is a pattern that has to be addressed in the nervous system and subtle body, not mentally
When we run false mental pictures of what empathy, compassion and caring is, it’s easy to have our desire to do the right thing be taken advantage of.

But when we understand these things from an embodied place, we know them by how they feel. Even when others can’t see us clearly
Setting subtle energetic boundaries helps you to choose to attune to your clarity, truth, and well being so you can be authentic to who you are. It is about not enmeshing, not merging and not allowing other people’s thoughts, emotions, judgements or projections into your field .
Next month we offer our Energetic Boundaries course with Energy Medicine Teacher, Cyndi Dale. We will be learning how to set energetic boundaries through a trauma-informed lens that speaks to attachment trauma and patterns of nervous system dysregulation

An interesting fact is when we feel compassion our heart rate actually slows down. This is a good somatic way to track where we actually are. If we are feeling stressed and pressured to be ‘compassionate’ then somethings already off. Listen to your body.
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