1. If you ever have done an engineering project like building a refinery, you need to try and minimise all the risks e.g fire, explosion, etc. The safety measures you implement cost money.
2. In current society we have built in over a long time the many current safety measures to reduce risk to life e.g airbags in cars, etc
3. For ICE cars the cost of safety measures has been built in as much as possible and is effectively a sunk cost. But, for EV these costs of safety measures have not been determined yet and need to be included in switching costs.
4. Here are a few.

Gasoline/diesel car fires are typically put out with foam or powder. It means fire engines have become smaller. EV fires need to be put out with huge amounts of water, foam/powder does not work. That suggests new fire engines suitable for EV fires maybe needed
5. Car accidents. EVs weigh significantly more than their ICE equivalent. Therefore, accidents will be worse. car safety will need to be improved to take into account this extra weight and the cost that will cause.
5. Building fire code says the concrete needs to withstand temperatures of 800F for a specific time. Car battery fires burn at temperatures of 1000F or more. At 1200F concrete lasts on 55% of the time
6. As more EV cars are on the road there are going to be more accidents and hence more fires. How much will the cost of water be to places that already have drought or low rain e.g. Southern California.
7. How much will the cost be to change fire extinguishers and other fire fighting appliances in buildings to be able to fight the necessary EV fires.
9. The cost of road damage to old towns and cities due to the extra weight of EV cars? Insurance costs go up as fire damage is greater. And the list goes on with regard to costs that never get taken into account for switching. It all builds up.
10. Before EV champions start to tell about the benefits and saving the planet. Those benefits are already included in all the calculations. The savings on hospitals due to cleaner air etc. What The arguements for EVs don’t do is include all the costs.
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