I think a CMCO on KL and Selangor is overkill. What happened to targeted lockdowns? Presumably dine-ins are allowed? We cannot be lurching from one lockdown to the next, especially for Klang Valley. Do mass testing with antigen RTK to quickly identify and isolate positive cases.
What is the justification for such a strict lockdown on the entire capital city and Selangor? Are we going to see police roadblocks throughout KL and Selangor like during MCO 1? The govt must reverse this decision. It is a wholly disproportionate public health response.
With just 34 local Covid cases reported in KL within past 14 days, the govt shuts down the entire capital city? Putrajaya only has 13 cases. Selangor has 224 cases, but only two are red zones (Petaling - 53 cases, Klang - 82 cases).

A Klang Valley CMCO is completely irrational.
And news flash, economic sector can't continue if you prevent people from going out. And obviously we'll see Covid cases reported every day because we can never eradicate the virus until we get the vaccine. After lockdown is lifted, then Covid cases will go up again. Then what?
The MCO was supposed to buy us time to prepare the health care system for future outbreaks, NOT to eradicate the virus. What did we do for the past 6 months since MCO in March? Are you saying we didn't prepare enough?
WHO has warned against using lockdowns as a primary means of controlling the virus, stating it could have a dramatic impact on poverty. What exactly do you hope to achieve with a Klang Valley lockdown? Slow the virus transmission to prepare some more? Aren't we already prepared?
Just to clarify my original tweet, which was posted before Mindef corp comm answered questions from the press, dine-ins are not allowed under CMCO in Klang Valley. Read more here on other Mindef clarifications:

Govt has repeatedly said, as recently as less than a week ago, that our health care system is prepared for Covid outbreaks. So what on earth is the justification for a Klang Valley CMCO that generally prohibits ppl from leaving home except for work/ buy necessities?
PM said May 1 that it’s impossible for any country to hit zero Covid cases. Ismail Sabri repeated this point on Oct 3. What I want to know is — what exactly is a tolerable number of daily Covid cases in a district for the govt? 20? 50? 100? Or nationwide — 200? 500? 1,000?
With increased testing, we’ll naturally pick up more cases. The more you test, the more you get. Important thing is to expand testing so that we detect and isolate infectious people quickly. So it doesn’t matter even if we record hundreds of cases, as long as we isolate quickly.
And if authorities are going to treat Klang Valley CMCO like MCO 1, expect to see repeated hurdles to seeking medical treatment that cancer patients previously suffered, not to mention postponed clinic appointments for those with chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension.
The country's main Covid hospital, Sungai Buloh Hospital, is located in Selangor, not to mention the many other tertiary hospitals in the Klang Valley. Of all places, Klang Valley has the best public health care system. How can Klang Valley not be prepared for a Covid outbreak?
People may be allowed to go to work during the CMCO, but what about small businesses and roadside stalls? Only privileged white collar workers can afford to work from home. And only lawmakers & civil servants can go through any lockdown without worrying about next month's salary.
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