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I was part of 3 large USPS mail tests a month back ... many hundreds of cards & letters mailed in TX & between States. Nothing lost, 1 to 5 days (5 days was TX to CA), inside Houston only 1 to 2 days.

Trump's fear program is just more lies!
2. #Election2020 #Thread

In this #HarrisCounty #Texas example, a ballot was requested. It arrived in 4 days & votes mailed back immediately (2 stamps). 5 days later, received #CentralCount & scanned. A large room of people will compare signatures & cast vote starting Oct 14th.
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As every State has different rules, every #Texas county has different rules. Early TX vote is 10/13 to 29 but hrs & days change.

Even with #HarrisCounty having more voters than 26 States, it's one drop-off box per county!

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The gov did a reneg & told #HarrisCounty 11 of their ballot drop-off locations are cancelled. Of course Court cases are flying. But we don't care, If you drive to a drop-off and find it closed, you have easy alternatives (see #5 in this thread).
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You're in #HarrisCounty & your ballot drop-off is cancelled. You can:

1. Mail it (5 days max as verified)

2. Drive to NRG drop-off

3. Take ballot with you to one of 112 early vote locations. They will cancel it there & let you vote a live ballot!
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I'm in #HarrisCounty & have elected to vote in person tomorrow on Tuesday, October 13th.

I'm going to #50 the Turkish Cultural Center, SW edge of county & never a line. Purple are new locations & almost guaranteed a smaller crowd! List polls on #7.
7. #Election2020 #Thread

Lists giving the addresses for all 112 #HarrisCounty early vote locations.
I think this was overturned by a higher court and #HarrisCounty lost 11 drop-off locations.


I've just tweeted my #Election2020 #thread with exactly what to do in this case. And the mail in #Texas is working fine ... no noticeable delays. https://twitter.com/mmpadellan/status/1314757501267697664
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