Secularism ~

Have you asked a secular Hindu what their favourite festival is? Invariably you’ll get Christmas (For Santa Chocolates) or Eid (For Biryani) as the answer. Ever thought why? See below
1)Diwali firecrackers cause noise pollution
2)Holi colors are harmful to skin
3)Ganesha idols are not environment friendly
But are they aware of how the Biryani is prepared or how much plastic is used in Christmas tree? Most of them wouldn’t know…
Eid Fasting is spiritual, beautiful and connects one directly with God.

Karwa Chauth fasting is patriarchy. Its oppressive & regressive.

Ekadashi, Dwadashi fasting isn’t followed but a English dry fast is followed.
Terrorism has no religion but Dalits, Brahmins, upper caste Hindus etc are allowed to be used. No one questions why a Pope or Maulvi can’t be a woman, but all question why a woman can’t be a Hindu Priest

English is progressive and not colonial, Sanskrit is forced Bigotry
A long bearded skull cap man is religious, but a Tilakdhari Bhagwa clad man is scary & showing off

Burqha is a choice, its liberating, Saree Ghoongat is forced & patriarchal, they want to tear the sarees to mini skirts
Barkha Dutt doesn’t question why women aren’t allowed in Mosques, but she wants to know why women aren’t allowed in Sabarimala temple

Calling someone rice bag is trolling, but they can call us Gau mutra, Sanghi
Allopathy medicine is effective but Ayurveda is a Scam

Tarot is cool, fun & accurate. Jyotishya is fraud

Sadhus are often molesters, can’t be believed, Ashrams are running business. What about Divine Retreat or Healing centers of the world? Ever thought what happens there?
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