I feel sorry for you, Premier @jkenney. You have nothing better to do on Thanksgiving weekend than sit alone and record videos full of propaganda and lies. What a tragic figure you are. #sad #abed https://twitter.com/jkenney/status/1315441048034906113
You know, Premier @jkenney, your video would’ve been in poor taste any day of the week, but to send it out on Thanksgiving weekend, the first break most teachers have had since the start of school, is despicable. #abed
Teachers are busting their asses to ensure children are cared for and well educated, and they are doing it in conditions where every kid and adult they are around is a Petri dish full of germs. Almost 300 schools have COVID cases.
I’m teaching 34 teachers who are enrolled in their Master’s of Education program b/c they believe in the importance of professional learning and bettering themselves. They are doing this on top of all of the additional work and STRESS that teaching during COVID requires. #abed
So for you to make and publish a video that denigrates teachers and the professional organization that represents them, well, shame on you. You would never survive one day in a teacher’s shoes. #abed
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