Listening to this conversation/ podcast, where common sense is likely to go out of the window more than once.

Rant incoming...
Frankly per capita crime, not just violent crimes, crimes against women is low in India. Of course trying to explain that to deranged feminists is a difficult task.

They think lobbying for crazy laws, it solves problems.
Swati is right that Nirbhaya set a template. She doesn't get that it was the template for blaming and shaming Hindus and India. Everybody in media now pans India, and to be honest #Presstitutes and feminists need to take ownership.
Guruji is a consoomer alright... Wants journalists to do his thinking for him.
Swati is wrong when she says print is better than TV media... Print media is just as full of parasites, the same as TV.
NCRB data should be made public with... Would be fun because we will find a majority of criminals coming from specific backgrounds.
Pratyasha is wrong in suggesting that filing complaint of sexual harassment is hard. Infact there is no requirement of evidence what so ever to file a police complaint.
Cops don't have an option but to file a FIR when approached by a woman. Infact the police officers stand to lose their jobs if they refuse to proceed with the same. This is true even if the cops suspect, make that know, that the woman is lying.
Pratyasha admits that rape, attempt to rape instances are very low, but then moves onto let's say being less than honest.

Admits she doesn't know what happens but am to take her opinion seriously, because wamyn.
Notes false cases and cases of parents filing cases under POSCO. Continues to call false rape accusations and rape under "consent to marry" as "grey area cases."
Let's take a minute and ask what is a "rape?" Under current indian law, burden of evidence is placed on the accused, so if I had to stretch it a bit, i will say that every accusation of rape registered with authorities is rape. Whether or not such took place, it's immaterial.
It is funny that the lobbyists, the deranged feminists asking for stricter and more crazy laws than ones we have, they never bother to touch upon such.
Pratyasha now conveniently forgets that law places burden of evidence on man to prove his innocence. An accused must per law, sufficiently prove their innocence.

So if cases are getting dropped despite it all, it tells you laws are being abused.
Pratyasha admits that acquittals are high when it comes to crimes against women, but indulges then in mental gymnastics.

The presumption of innocence is no longer there available to ana cused, so what explains such an acquittal rate. It must be misogyny and sexism.
Touches upon how courts are taking long to adjudicate such cases. Yes, what can possibly go wrong if you have a lot of false cases?
Of course... Unreported crimes 😂

Feminist nutjobs always go back to such. Of course we need laws based on feelings. What can possibly go wrong.
Then touches upon spousal sexual violence. It couldn't be that NHFS data may be coloured for effect. Especially since the feminist nutters have been demanding a separate law to deal with "marital rape" since last few years. Something that is already addressed under current laws.
Of course, data set is not accurate, but suggests that we must use to form more draconian laws. Yet they'd wonder why i will question their sanity, or any other morons who support such idiocy
India is a country with most draconian laws for dealing with crimes against women, and despite that a great percentage of men still manage to prove their innocence. Infact feminutters of NZ wanted laws like India, where you point a finger and a man's life as he knows it, ends.
Of course, we can't assume that those cases where there is absolutely no evidence to prove guilt of someone, and they are acquitted by courts, that they are innocents.

It's not like the courts have noted an increase in misuse of such laws by women... Of course not... 😑
Yes, must lobby for more data and crazy laws, and continue to ignore existing evidence.
Remember, every accuser, is a victim/ survivor. However, there are no innocent men.
Listen to Swati from 30:00 to 30:43.

Swati talks about 6 rape cases in UP from month of August, and 0 perps from gen category Hindus. I sure do wish we can have nationwide data.
Then goes on apologia... To describe why gen category women don't suffer much in comparison. Mostly because the backward caste women are out in fields often. Acknowledges that atrocity act is there and helps victims. A law let us remember, courts found much misused and scrapped.
One more reminder, our laws recognize a 14 year old muslimah can consent to marry. A particular court case found that a minor Hindu girl could consent to convert. Nobody knows what becomes of such cases now.
Pratyasha doesn't think katuas target Hindu wamen... I wonder what she thinks about church saying the same.

43:37 in case you were wondering.
Neither does Swati... 43:47
Pratyasha asks for religionwise perp and crime data... I can't believe it... 45:21

Then again, even a broken clock tells time correctly twice a day.
What is amusing to me personally is that Pratyasha is more than willing to give benefit of doubt, to criminals of different religions(in that they may not be communal but merely opportunist) than to those accused who prove their innocence in court of law... just saying...
Swati also asks for caste based crimes report(49:55)... we need, it. However, you would see much randi-rona happen afterwards.
To her credit, Pratyasha (52:20) talks how secularism and artificial bhaichara, colours crime reportage and actions against such.
Somehow guruji steers a conversation about targeting of Hindu women by others, to blame Hindus and to talk about caste issues...

Now we are moving to death penalty.
Guruji supports death penalty, but then brings up that making death penalty compulsory would mean that there would be no victims left behind.

However, doesn't touch upon false rape accusations, and that many an innocents may get given the death sentence.
Swati admits that laws are stringent. Suggests that criminals may not leave survivors.

Once again, she also doesn't comment about innocents who may get dragged into court, and may consequently be hanged because they were accused.
Pratyasha suggests people commit these crimes without a second thought because of high acquittal rates.(1:02:45)

She suggests that accused are all perps. Says "more than 70% are going away scot-free."

imho, it shows how bad situation is for accused.
What is amusing is that these supposedly "educated" people don't understand that accusation alone is not the establishment of a crime.

It is just amusing to think that these people are taken seriously.
Pratyasha supports death penalty, but is worried that victims may not be left alive. Worried about duration of trials and number of pending trials.

Once again, no thoughts were spared to innocents who may be put to death in worst case scenarios, or a life sentence.
Pratyasha doesn't buy idea of punishment acting as deterrence.

I think when you hang a few criminals like Charly Thomas, Mohammad Afroze, it may deter a fair few criminals. Just my opinion, of course.
Guruji jumps in and talks about how he has a galaxy brain, and how he indulges in intellectual mental masturbation in quite some detail, and everyday...
Swati plugs her new handle where she dissects idiocy in bollywood, and how they trivialise "consent."

Pratyasha then chips in on the same...
May devas have mercy on me, for it seems i will have none...

Listening to this all would be a whole lot easier, if i were a drinker. Make that a heavy drinker...
Bonus round, in Q&A someone compared oneself to Rani Lakshmi Bai... Yes, asked a gender neutral question, because guruji is also a diva na.

5 points for correctly guessing who it was...
Guruji then suggests that he sides with accuser first, and ignores the evidence. He may later deem it necessary, or not, no one knows...
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