I just want to say that I agree with this from @that_gai_gai -I’ve said it before as many of you know. The racism that comes out of the left isn’t okay. And when it’s attempted to be called out, gaslighting begins. It’s not acceptable and it’s some liberal bs https://twitter.com/that_gai_gai/status/1315449465705177088
Let me say that regardless of how you feel, if black and brown leftists can’t call out white leftists for racism, that’s a problem. It is not enough to say we aren’t racist. If someone is telling us that we are exhibiting racist behaviors, we need to understand and DO BETTER
That goes for us brown people too as you all know our respective communities can exhibit anti black behaviors while experiencing oppression ourselves. We need to hold each other accountable.
I think we have to understand exactly what black people experience here. When any black person says all white people, the issue is with whiteness and what it has done. If we gaslight someone who is expressing that pain, we are also contributing to racism.
You don’t help racism by not allowing people to vent about their experiences with racism. That’s just being racist. Until we address this it’s hard to imagine unity being a thing that happens
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