So, there’s a right-wing gun range/extremist fantasy camp just outside Omaha. It’s called Tactical 88 and they had to put a disclaimer on their website because basically everyone assumed the ‘88’ was because they’re neo-Nazis. Donald Trump, Jr. visited there earlier this year.
Between the ‘88’ and their giant wings-outstretched bird of prey logo that I think sure looks similar enough to the Nazi eagle, I had my mind fairly set about these guys. But I’ve had several people gaslight me about the whole thing and tell me they go there and it’s lovely.
So then this evening, I see that this lovely topographical map is on the wall in there. Is someone going to tell me that the ‘1488’ there isn’t what we all 100% know it is? I mean, are we pretending that’s the elevation in this part of Nebraska?
There’s more, of course.
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