LA is home to the largest population of Armenian people in the world outside of Armenia. Today, many are rightfully terrified by violent aggression from Azerbaijan and Turkey in the region of Artsakh.

Here's what's happening, and why we stand with Armenians. (thread)
Artsakh is a de facto independent state of ethnic Armenians, adjacent to Azerbaijan.

Rising nationalism in Azerbaijan has led to the country attempting to gain sovereignty over this region with military force, supported by Turkey.
The aggression against Artsakh recalls historic tragedy for Armenians. Between 1914-1923, the Ottoman government in Turkey carried out a genocide against Armenians, leading to 1.5 million dead and displaced.

Most of the first Armenians in LA arrived as a result of the genocide.
Artsakh has the right to self-determine, and denial of past atrocities allows atrocities to continue.

We stand with our Armenian neighbors in their resistance against ethnonationalist aggression, and in recognition of the wounds still open from the Armenian Genocide.
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