TY Somerville for turning out to the #HomesForAll March today!

We’re fighting for Alva & Estefani. For tenants & homeowners statewide. We see you and we will never leave our neighbors behind.

With 6 days until the #mapoli #EvictionMoratorium ends, here’s what you need to know:
. @SomervilleCity residents should call the Office of Housing Stability (OHS) if you need assistance paying rent, mortgage, or are facing eviction. Help available in all languages.

CALL: 617-625-6600 ext. 2581

ONLINE: http://Somervillema.gov/OHS  & click “Make A Referral”
Local #Somerville orgs for rental assistance:

@SHCinc: 617-623-6111

@JustAStartCorp: 617-494-0444

@CAASomerville (that’s us!): 617-623-7370
FREE legal aid — contact as soon as your landlord moves forward with an eviction:

Cambridge & Somerville Legal Services: 617-603-1700

@DeNovoCenter: 617-661-1010

@HarvardLegalAid: 617-495-9408
And most importantly, #KnowYourRights as a renter. Your landlord cannot evict you; ONLY a judge can.

While the MA #EvictionMoratorium lifts Oct. 17, the CDC moratorium is thru Dec. 31 and bans physical evictions.

The @SomervilleCity local eviction also bans physical evictions.
Finally, we’re fighting for policy protections. @MassGovernor must extend our moratorium to #PreventMassEvictions & the #mapoli Legislature must pass the #HousingGuaranteeMA. We can’t allow 100,000+ tenants suffer.

Visit http://housingguarantee.org  or DM us for advocacy resources!
BIG thanks to #HomesForAll coalition leaders @CityLife_Clvu @LynnUnitedMA @SpringfieldNOL @ReclaimRoxbury for organizing this week of action, and to @senjehlen @MikeConnollyMA @Barber4StateRep @BenForWard3 @KristenEStrezo @JTforWard2 for taking a stand with us in Somerville!
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