Vote AND verify! Here are 8 election transparency projects that I support:

1. Photograph precinct totals (poll tapes) after polls close & compare them to reported totals. See  and . @ProtectVotes @DemocracyCount1 #ProtectOurVotes
2/ Educate voters to report problems w/ voting machines, checkin computers, registrations, etc. not only to election workers, but also to 1-866-OUR-VOTE AND to , which will vet & add to its interactive map for the public and for use as potential evidence.
3/ In states like FL & GA w/ crap manual audit & recount laws, we need other ways to try to verify election results. Post-election affidavit audits of precincts w/ anomalous outcomes can help. Pls amplify this effort by @gvelez17
& @ClintCurtis 
4/ Join  to find various election transparency projects, including their Florida circle which is tracking information about paper backups for electronic poll books (checkin computers that are glitchy and error prone). They have other projects too.
5/ Most digital scanners in use today automatically create images of the paper ballots, which can be used by the public to compare against electronic totals. Unfortunately, many election officials destroy them.  is at the forefront of efforts to get them.
6/ Screenshot results from county election websites every ten minutes on election night. If a candidate loses votes, contact the campaign and post on  so that it can be investigated. Join @ScrutineersUS to organize a group to do this! Let me know if u do.
8/ WI, MI, FL, TX, TN, MN, RI, & IL connect some precinct scanners & county tabulators to the internet. It's too late to #RemoveTheModems, but @SusanPynchon1
is writing to FL officials to ask them to not use them. Pls DM her if u want to help.
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