I've agonized over which videos to include for covering #PrimateConservation in my Intro to Bio Anth class this week, but figured I'd share because there's so much great stuff in this list! (1/12)! #Primatology #Conservation #DecolonizePrimatology
Is Social Media Saving or Enslaving the Slow Loris by @QueenFireface. A great introduction to the problem of social media perpetuated the pet and entertainment trades.
Rang-Tan is a short animated commercial that introduces the problem of palm oil and tugs at your heart (3/12).
Are palm oil farmers shooting orangutans? Depressing, but a more in-depth look at the issues with palm oil (4/12)
The Heroes Saving Our Closest Cousins from Extinction. Because I try to pepper some hopeful, positive messages among the more depressing videos. (5/12)
Race to save abandoned chimps of 'Monkey Island.' Addresses biomedical use, retirement, and the importance of local people in helping the primates--as they continued to care for the chimpanzees when NYBC stopped paying them or paying for food.
Primates in Peril: The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates, 2018-2020. Short, but I wanted just a brief video that introduced some of them (8/12).
Why Brazil's indigenous people fight for the Amazon rainforest. Less primate-focused, but important in highlighting the role indigenous people play in conserving their native lands, and very relevant for the week of #IndigenousPeoplesDay2020 (9/12)
Monkeys saved from extinction. Because golden lion tamarins are a good example of an uplifting conservation story! (10/12).
Gorillas, smartphones, and coltan mining. Because I wanted a brief video that touched on this topic so students would be aware of how electronics use are tied to this global trade, and the importance of recycling phones/other electronics. (11/12)
New Hainan gibbon couple brings hope for the world's rarest primate: because we needed to end on a hopeful note! It's still such a small population, but at least is trending in the right direction (12/12).
Also, to add to this #PrimateConservation video list, there's more colleagues suggested that I didn't include due to length/focus/lack of subtitles, but are still great! Here's some more:
The Kingdog of the Lion-Tailed Macaque--23-24 minute lovely documentary that addressed conservation a bit at the end:
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