For @Patrick__Morrow

Challenge accepted.

Not that @realDonaldTrump needs my help, but this is a good exercise in debunking Democrat propaganda.
The tweet in question.
We'll take each demented claim one at a time.

You did NOT see a plague coming.

Nobody did.

That's why it's impacting the entire world. Trump's actions did NOT spread the plague throughout out the world.
Unlike YOU, I followed the spread of COVID-19.

Trump did everything his scientists told him to do...EXCEPT when they recommended he take no action.

For example, Trump restricted travel from China when his scientists told him it wasn't necessary.
This was an UNKNOWN virus.

Every single SCIENTIFIC recommendation was a shot in the dark.

To this day, the scientists don't really have a handle on it.

You're not informed enough to know that under Trump, the US created a Manhattan Project on all levels to fight this.
Fastest treatment and vaccine creation in world history.


It can't be avoided. The spread of the disease was exacerbated by criminally negligent GOVERNORS who had no idea where their own mechanical ventilators were located.
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