A week ago, I spoke to the IGP and there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

We thank the FG for listening to the voice of the people via peaceful but powerful protests showing the people's commitment to protecting each other irrespective of gender or tribe. https://twitter.com/jidesanwoolu/status/1312685838946521089
It is an undeniable fact that The Police Force needs strong and enduring reforms. A good example of a reformed unit is the Lagos RRS.

With constant funding from the Lagos State Security Trust Fund and the LASG, the RRS is the definition of a friendly police.
They are not nicknamed The Good Guys for nothing. They help to make our lives easier in many ways. This shows it is possible to reform the police. A more intelligent and empathetic force is needed.
I thank the CP Hakeem Odumosu for ensuring that the Police in Lagos conducted itself properly during the protests. There is so much more to be done but we press forward in the bid to make our state safer.

Lagos, I'm here. Let's do this. Whatever it takes to make you feel safer.
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