In the past month I've forgotten to lock a side door 3x, left my keys in the front door over night once, left back gate open; walked around alone at night.. I have lost nothing & never been assaulted or harassed. The overstating of risk and fear in Strathcona has got to stop.
And the media needs to stop fuelling this manufactured 'law and order' panic with what looks like naked delight. These people who are enduring the unsafety and extreme discomfort of homelessness are our neighbours. Media: knock it off. Strathcona: pull yourself together.
And some backup from Strathcona neighbour @ellouis - and there are many more neighbours who agree with us, but media doesn't talk to us because, well, there's no story in this non-story. Yes, we witness a lot of pain & displacement; do we feel unsafe? No.
PS We must acknowledge that many women who aren't NIMBYs in Strath do feel unsafe. Safety is subjective & I may be an edge case having worked abroad in dangerous places. But much of the "crime!" narrative seems disingenuous. We must carve a path between these 2 distinct things.
I said this to a friend who is a DTES service provider and they replied "One of the reasons none of this shit gets dealt with is because people aren't willing to carve that path."
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