Everything that's happening between #Azerbaijan & #Armenia is so complicated. I've read that "both sides" are equally at fault?


Here is proof that most of what you read from the Azeri side is false propaganda.

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To start, here's a quick taste of flat out lies Azeri trolls say to make Armenians seem evil:

A graphic photo of a dead woman they say was slaughtered by Armenians in the Khojaly massacre.

The photo? A poor victim of USA serial killer Ed Gein🤷‍♂️

2/14 https://twitter.com/annnnggg/status/1315093876139384832
And the Azeri accounts posting these lies designed to make Armenia seem like the aggressor?

Most of their accounts are only 1-3 months old.

Because they're mostly bots.

3/14 https://twitter.com/ASBMilitary/status/1284434127681355776
These bots/trolls have been effective in silencing celebs who have spoken out to support Armenia.

They spammed @iamcardib & @eltonofficial 's pages, review bombed their businesses, & harassed them with hateful hashtags til they deleted their posts.

5/14 https://twitter.com/SevOhanian/status/1314975530790260736
The Azeri trolls/farms are also harassing and spamming @michaelb4jordan with lies. But he has yet to retract his support.

Just another instance of the man TRULY STANDING for human rights. An A-list celeb who is the actual real deal ladies & gents.

6/14 https://twitter.com/michaelb4jordan/status/1314392599084462080
Ignoring the bots for a sec, it's worth noting the MAJORITY of citizens in Azerbaijan have *zero* access to the free internet.

Since starting this war, the country has blocked all social media so its citizens can only read anti-Armenia propaganda.

7/14 https://twitter.com/MuradGazdiev/status/1313802761155284993
Cuz free journalism *does not exist* within Azerbaijan.

They are ranked 168 out of 180 in internationally ranked Freedom of Press Ratings

#Norway: #1 (First)
#UnitedStates: #45
#Armenia: #61
#Turkey: #154
#Azerbaijan: #168
#NorthKorea: #180 (Last)

8/14 https://rsf.org/en/ranking_table
International journalists are free to come and go from Armenia, but until only 2 days ago they were PROHIBITED from entering Azerbaijan.

And when they were permitted to come to the country, they are prevented from moving around freely.

9/14 https://twitter.com/Shirinyan/status/1314323082627166208
Numerous times Azerbaijan has been caught lying to the world, whether it's been about them paying Syrian jihadist mercenaries to fight their war....

10/14 https://twitter.com/SevOhanian/status/1315007470348107776
Or about them using Turkish fighter jets in their war (spotted by CNN's satellite images) and they later admitted it was true.

11/14 https://twitter.com/trbrtc/status/1314583414276849664
And for anyone still falling for the "UN says it's part of Azerbaijan so we are only killing our OWN civilians!" argument:

So keep all of this in mind when you hear that "Armenia started this war!" Even tho a tiny country 3M people has *everything to lose* by starting a war against the combined might of 90M Azerbaijan & Turkey.

I'm glad to see that the truth is getting out there more & more.

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