The new issue of our New Economics Zine on #MentalHealth & the economy is now live It goes out to all NEF supporters next week so there is still time to sign up if you want one! >
Lots of great pieces within, including: neoliberalism & the brain by the amazing @AyeishaTS, eco-anxiety by ever-wise @powellds & excellent @Samara_Linton on the barriers faced by BAME folx when accessing #MentalHealth  support. All illustrated by the incredible @EvaBee_draws
The issue also includes superb work from @tamarajadekaz, who illustrates our conversation feature, this time about mental health collective and sober club night @miseryparty_ as told to us by @nilufer_erdem & @uglyinahotway
If you need help or support, and/or you’re impacted by anything in the issue, here are some useful contacts. And worth checking out @HubOfHopeUK
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