THREAD: Our friends & allies from the region & beyond especially from Turkey: Your deafening silence & even worse "both sides" plays since the start of the genocidal campaign by #Azerbaijan & #Turkey against #Artsakh & #Armenia are noted & strongly rejected to say the least (1/8)
While a handful of Turkish colleagues that I can count on my one hand have written non-committal messages, one even expressed solidarity, the majority are either silent, or posting about butterflies & blue skies, or the worst--repeating the fascist #Turkish government line (2/8)
Some of you are social scientists, others are legal scholars, lawyers, human rights activists, NGO representatives, etc, that have done work related to #Armenia & #Armenians, including the #ArmenianGenocide. Your previous work means nothing if you are ignoring this conflict (3/8)
Your solidarity with the memory of the #ArmenianGenocide and annual remembrances of #HrantDink are nothing more than crocodile tears, if you are not speaking up now, or even privately ask how your Armenian colleagues are doing (since there is no freedom of speech in Turkey) (4/8)
It is of course easier to express solidarity for an event like the #ArmenianGenocide that happened 105 years ago that is of no consequence to your comfort and privileges today arising from that very same event. There is no shortage of overdue lachrymose humanitarians TBH (5/8)
If your solidarity is exclusive for when #Armenians are poor victims, uprooted, massacred & torn apart, and you have no empathy towards them when they are now capable of self-defense and resistance against #Turkish #Azerbaijani fascism, then to hell with your solidarity (6/8)
I also hope #ArmenianStudies programs in the US, Armenia and internationally consider these facts next time any of these so-called Turkish humanitarian academics knock on their doors asking for opportunities and support by claiming solidarity with the Armenian experience. (7/8)
Finally, this war has come to test (inter alia) the true colors of so many people pretending to be our allies and singing songs for justice & equality, while being deeply entrenched in a supremacist worldview that is not capable of seeing Armenians as independent sovereigns (8/8)
p.s. this thread does not mean Armenians need/seek the solidarity of those mentioned in it. But it’s the latter that have a greater stake in showing that they are indeed the humanitarians that they have always claimed, and not hypocrites.
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