Lets talk SCOTUS & Judges

#MoscowMitch McConnell started with Merrick Garland delay, and also denied over 100 Obama district court nominees. He has altered the balance of the courts in unfair manner. That needs to be corrected. Duh. It also will be. And here's the how...
First SCOTUS. As Merrick Garland & now RBG are #MoscowMitch McConnell cheating of the system, they need to be redressed. After the election, as long as Joe Biden wins AND also DEMs take the Senate, then it is really easy to fix the current unfairness. Enlarge the Supreme Court
There is ZERO legislation restricting SCOTUS to 9 Justices. Because GOP cheated, it needs to be fixed. Two bogus Justices, enlarge the court by 4 to 13. all 4 of those DEM Senate appoint liberal justices, balance flips as it was SUPPOSED to with Obama and Merrick Garland
instead of 6-3 conservative, court becomes 7-6 liberal. All 6 current conservatives get to remain on SCOTUS (for now, about them a bit later). The FIRST Scotus Justice to be approved should be of course Merrick Garland, Obama's orig pick, who is a moderate liberal.
The remaining 3 would be picks by Biden, and as the SCOTUS balance flips from conservative to liberal, also the Chief Justice would switch. Would be ultimate thank you and honor for Barack Obama to become the new Chief Justice. Just sayin'....
Now Kavanaugh? I personally am 100% convinced that Kavanaugh appointment was corrupt and involved a bribe to Trump in some way. That WILL come out, in the processing of Trumpomobsters from 2021 onwards. If ANY Trump appointees to SCOTUS were corrupt, they must be removed..
if the Republicans were so stupid or inept, to let Trump do a corrupt SCOTUS appointment (or two, or three!) then that/those need to be impeached and replaced... which would alter the balance of SCOTUS dramatically to the liberal side, BEYOND the repairs to McConnell's tricks
Recognize that SEVERAL of the biggest problems in America stem from bad SCOTUS decisions recently, like Citizens United (secret money in elections) to the Voting Rights matters. A liberal majority SCOTUS would overturn those clear injustices. and protect Roe vs Wade & Obamacare
Next the 100+ District Court justices. Same story. For those - but only those - Circuit courts where #MoscowMitch McConnell managed to alter the balance of the district court by preventing an Obama nominee to be considered in Senate - simple remedy. Expand THAT circuit court
It means probably half maybe 2/3 of those courts would need immediate appointments - and always of course TWO liberal justices to return the intended balance during Obama. Use FIRST those judges that Obama nominated, then let Biden add his choices after they're all done.
And AFTER the Obama balance has been restored - then have the FBI examine EVERY Trump appointed district court judge. If they're square and honest, all is good. But again. I am CERTAIN at least some of them involved Trump corruption, bribes or promises. ALL such judges impeached
When the #MoscowMitch McConnell Senate approved circuit court judges, some will be valid (if conservative) judges with no fault in that nomination. Trump will not have gotten EVERY one of several hundred JUDGES corrupt. But Trump WILL have corrupted some of them. Those HAVE to go
Do NOT panic NOW about what last-minute bullshit #MoscowMitch McConnell can do. It can be undone or reversed or rebalanced, as long as we have a BIG BLUE WAVE. Joe Biden needs to win DECISIVELY. And that is not enough. The SENATE has to flip too. But all of that is in our reach
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