Current stage of the US 5G development.

US knows the extreme importance of 5G to its military and economy. US was alarmed that Huawei's 5G technology has surpassed that of US. Though China's military spending is a fraction to that of the US, 5G or any other unexpected tech
2/ breakthrough would give China a disruptive advantage. If China could equip all its weapons with 5G, this will render arms devoid of 5G obsolete. At the beginning US military strategy to cope with such a frightening prospect is to kill China's 5G company Huawei at all costs.
3/ US thought that no company can withstand the determined will of destruction of the almighty US empire. It would take a couple of years and then China's 5g technology would be dead, nipped in the bud, all the while this would give US ample time to develope it's own 5g.
4/ Unfortunately, Huawei didn't die. The chips it needs for its 5g stations are procured. US continues to try to strangle Huawei, but looks as if Huawei is difficult to kill, a situation the US hasn't encountered before. Nobody knows how to kill its competitors better than the US
5/ It has succeeded to weaken or kill all the targeted Japanese and European companies.

Meanwhile the US 5g development is lagging behind. A while ago, US thought of doing a great leap forward
6/ ie, directly do 6g and in one stroke render Huawei obsolete. However doing scientific research in a vengeful state of mind implies impatience recklessness, not very conducive to success. So now US has given up on 6g and come back to 5g. US is using the Nokia 5g technology.
7/ It's said that the speed is super duper fast but there are a few problems. Smartphones using this 5g is so hot that one must carry a bag of ice tubes for the cooling off constantly. Also it works only in the open air. The moment one comes indoors, the 5g disappears, so...
8/ US has invested 600m US$ for military civilian 5g testing. The technology is not yet perfect. There're many bugs to be eliminated as of yet. Another problem, the Military used to occupy the 4 lane medium frequency spectrum and the 8 lane high frequency spectrum is reserved for
9/ civilian use. However the technology
for the civilian frequency is not up to the mark in a near foreseeable future. To compete with China, Military is invited to turn over its medium frequency spectrum to the civilian use. The dilemma is doesn't US Military have supremacy?
10/ Why should it give way to civilian needs? Besides if it turns over its
privileged frequency, what frequency it's gonna use itself given the high frequency is not yet perfected?

So the US 5g industry is struggling.. crawling beset with knots of problems.
11/ All the while Huawei is flying.
Some cities in China are entirely covered with 5g, like Shen Zhen which will further speed up China's development of AI, another threat. The current stage of 5g development in China is what the US has projected itself to be in 5-10 years time.
12/ Much ado for nothing. US doesn't have to invent the wheel itself. Huawei has already gone through all the stages. US could have just given Huawei the contract to cover the whole US with 5g.

Besides, even with US completely inventing the wheel itself, it still has to
13/ use some Huawei patents. China never sanctions anybody, even its enemies. China can do business with US, as long as it pays. Now this drives US crazy. It wants to kill Huawei. Using Huawei technology and paying it huge patent fees is feeding the beast and
14/ rendering it stronger. If the rest of world sees US/Pentagon still doing business with Huawei, wouldn't the US persuasion of other countries to boycott Huawei become null and void?

In the end, this China Huawei derangement syndrome will prove to be
15/ extremely costly to Uncle Sam who is suffering from one flop after another recently. It seems to be on some losing streak, losing momentum whereas China is on some winning streak, winning momentum.

I'm on the side of China. Fingers crossed! 😂
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