n/3been a beacon of inculcating moral and islamic values to the youth as well as providing them quality western education. Here is a brief introduction of the institute. The institute was a dream of a local saint who donates 125 kanal of land with a vision to form an istitute,
n/4.where a progeny of young kashmiri boys will be formed which will be well versed with the Islamic values and which will work in various fields for the betterment of the society. The students there are taught quran, islamic literature, islamic jurisprudence along with
n/5.modern eduction, so that we prodece a lot of young turks which will brong change in the society. The alumni of the institute are doing well in various top notch institites across the valley and beyond.
n/6.This institute have produced hufaz e quran which are persuing higher education from GMC, NIT, GCET, KU, DU, AMU, IIT. Isnt is a postive thing that we have people in these institutes who are hafiz e quran and have an eye on quran and sunnah.
n/7.We live in conflict zone and we have young boys taking up arms. At some point of time they might have their primary education from any institute but that doesnt mean that isntitute is a manufacturer of militants.
Today I call upon K twitter please trend this thread so that this asset of our valley is preserved. #JSU
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