I just listened to the discussion on @FujoshiWeekly about posting on Ao3 vs. threads & it was so interesting! I'm someone who never thought I'd write threads, because my first attempts were just that...attempts. But I feel like I found my footing & I really enjoy them!
The instant response is so intoxicating & I just love the social aspect of writing threads, to see so quickly that people are enjoying something, there's just nothing else like that.
I don't plan my threads beforehand so I use totally different styles when writing a thread than when writing what I call a full fic. Each tweet just builds on itself & the ideas tend to come to me that way, like 2 or 3 tweets at a time, as I go.
Without threads, I don't think I'd have this following, because the reach is vaster than on Ao3, or at least much faster. I can get 900 likes on a thread in a matter of days, where it takes much more time to build that number of kudos on Ao3.
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