Make a promise today: Do as much for democracy in 2021 as you’ve done in 2020.

$$ & volunteering in the final month is fantastic!! And: If campaigns & orgs had it all 18 months ago (or even 6 months ago), it all would’ve gone a lot further. Early $ & time makes a difference.
Commit to stay all in, win or lose.

My deep anxiety: If we win, it could be harder to get many fired up, as the work ahead will feel less like an existential crisis. (And the flip side of that: if we lose, some may give up entirely.)

Prove me wrong!!
Take a concrete action today: Go make a recurring donation to an org you hope still exists in 2022. ( @runforsomething is a 👍 option, as is anything focused on young people and/or communities of color, but you do you.)

The only “wrong” choice is waiting to see what happens.
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