2018 was the year for Women’s Wrestling in WWE!

Comment below your favourite moment!

Here are a few of mine!

Let’s start with First Ever Women’s Royal Rumble:

The @BellaTwins returning! #BellaArmy #WeRunItWeRuleIt
@trishstratuscom & @MickieJames facing off at the Royal Rumble was another historic moment! So glad it happened even tho it nearly didn’t! Grew up watching these gals with Ashley ❤️
First Ever All WWE Women’s PPV: Evolution ❤️ so glad it happened we so need Evolution 2!

So glad Nikki Bella main evented the show but should’ve been the one to beat Ronda
@BeckyLynchWWE becoming #TheMan was just what we needed & Charlotte v Becky was another reason why WOMENS Wrestling is Brilliant & must see tv!!
Another fav moment of 2018 would be @BeckyLynchWWE leading the invasion to the RAW Women and kicking Ronda’s ass! Another epic Becky Lynch moment!!
@AlexaBliss_WWE winning MITB & cashing in the on the same night was truly Blissful! Another great moment of 2018!
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