Antis: we're not terfs
People: the person you're targeting is a gay trans man
Antis: no she's not she's just pretending so she can be a gross fujoshi
NB people: see? Plus you misgender Us on purpose all the time
Anti: shut up Karen lol
Antis: I'm not homophobic I'm LITERALLY A LESBIAN I just want to stop the fetishization of gay men
Gay Trans Man: Stop speaking over gay men
Antis: You don't count

Cis Gay Man: I disagree with you
Antis: this tweet made me homophobic, lobotomy lol, sometimes homophobia is ok
Antis: I'm not sexist I'm not ageist
Older Female Presenting Person: Yes you are
Antis: shut up Karen go back to the kitchen raise your children pay your taxes
Everyone else: We're just telling you to stop harassing people and to stop getting into NSFW spaces looking for content that you're not mature enough to see and most likely will upset you
Antis: we're not racist colonizers we just want y'all to meet our conservative white westerner moral standard
Also antis: we know better than Japanese people on Japanese culture
Also antis: we will out queer bipoc to their family and endanger their lives bc they disagreed with us
Antis: I'm not an "anti", unless "anti" stands for "person with morals" then I'm an anti lol
Also antis: bullying is wrong
Also Antis: /aggressively harrasses people over fictional characters into literally sending them to the hospital/
Also Antis: lol they can just Log Off 🙄
And the list goes on
They're so gross
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