When I was 13, I heard my mum screaming at someone. I ran to the living room to see her hang up the phone. My teacher had called her to warn her that I ‘might be gay’ and my mom had told her to go fuck herself because if I was, she shouldn’t out me to her. #NationalComingOutDay
What had happened was that I had a BEST FRIEND, Sara and we were inseparable. And my teacher had heard me talking about being heartbroken because someone didn’t love me back. But I meant the hot guy from my class. Not Sara, like my teacher assumed.
I *was* queer, but I didn’t even really know myself. (My sexuality really was just ‘anyone from Westlife’). But my mother’s unconditional support meant that I felt safe exploring those aspects of myself. It’s a huge privilege that she is one of the most openminded people I know.
I doubt many of the parents of the kids in my class would have reacted the same way, if a teacher had outed their child to them. Shit like that is so dangerous.
If you’re a kid and you have a shitty teacher, give me their number and I will call them and ask them to fuck off. I have a lot of unexpressed rage, so this would be a win/win. 👍🏻
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