SARS has been dissolved. Good. What happens to the members of the division?
Where and in what capacities would they be redeployed to?
Would there be a publication in national newspapers of all the SARS agents and the divisions they have been reassigned to?
Would NPF pay damages to those who were victims of SARS brutality?
Would there be an investigation into how the SARS operatives extorted, arrested innocent people and released them with the support and protection of their bosses in the command chain?

Would there be a public trial of those SARS operatives caught on camera brutalizing Nigerians?
Would the IGP explain to us why it took so long to disband SARS?

Would the NPF have an internal reform to ensure policemen are provided with quality standards of livings and reorientate them on how to serve, instead of intimidate?

Retweet and add your own questions to this thread. We haven't won yet. We still need answers. #EndSARS
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