Some of Congress supporters aren't happy with @RahulGandhi being so vocal about the systemic oppression of minorities by this government.
They're worried Congress will lose support of majority if he is seen siding with Dalits, Muslims & Tribals so openly & calling some of us out.
Some think it's bad for optics. Well, it's no time for caring about optics. Majority appeasement hasn't worked, will not work. Sensible majority will vote on governance & economy. Minorites have their safety & well being on mind while voting. That's their first priority.
He was on street, braved UP Police goons for Hathras Victim even before SP & BSP. He was on street for Asifa.
We need to make our minorities feel heard & protected. The section of majority who finds this problematic is already voting for Modi coz they believe "Hindu Khatareme".
Minority voter is politically more conscious than majority voter. Majority voter can afford to be ignorant, while minority voter knows he can't afford to lose sight of the situation.
As they watch silently who's fighting for them, they'll know to press Congress button on EVMs.
Shying away from raising minority issues to appease bigoted section of majority won't work. Minority vote will catapult Congress back to power, and therefore they need to speak up & hit the streets for them seriously and more often.

@RahulGandhi is on the right track.
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