Video 1 : Subramanian Swamy wanted Military to be sent to enforce Sabriamala verdict

Proof below

Video 2: Swamy's views on PERFORMANCE of Rafale planes... not the deal but PERFORMANCE

Hear for yourself...

Performance is terrible it seems!
Views of Mr Swamy on Dr Sudhir Gupta & Arnab Goswami before Guru Chela apparently changed their views

Arnab was attacked & Dr Sudhir Gupta was heaped with praises... tweets below
Video 3: Rajiv Gandhi was a decent man... thorough patriot... (wonder what Sikh brethren think @tajinderbagga ))

Then Rajiv given credit for Ram Mandir not VHP

Hear for yourself !
Video 4: Swamy says @narendramodi has no contribution towards Ram Mandir but Rajiv Gandhi has!


End of thread... more to come soon
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